CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Multiple crews with Chesterfield Fire responded to the scene of a brush fire along Chippenham Parkway near Belmont Road on Friday afternoon.

The fire had closed all northbound lanes earlier in the afternoon, but the scene has been cleared and lanes are open once again.

Because there were no fire hydrants near the highway, water tanker trucks arrived to the scene to help put the flames out.

Chesterfield Fire says no homes in the surrounding area were in danger. The department is also reminding that the current weather conditions are prime for sparking brush fires, so please be cautious when discarding cigarette butts or with fire pits.

“This is something that happens in this area around this time of year every year,” said Jason Elmore, with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. “It’s extremely dry. We haven’t gotten a significant amount of rain over the past several weeks as well as its a very low humidity.”

There is no word on what has caused the fire. Officials remind people to avoid throwing their cigarette buds out the window.

Although no homes were impacted on Friday, Elmore said that won’t be the case every time. “The biggest thing you can do is make sure you get your leaves away from your home so if there is a brush fire, there’s a break in between where the leaves are and getting to your house,” he told 8News.

With conditions like these, he said to consider holding off on having a bonfire — or do it extremely carefully. “Have a garden hose there to be able to put the fire out if need be and never leave the fire unattended.”

Elmore also said in recent years, many brush fires have started because of vehicles dragging something and giving off flying sparks.

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News for updates.