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Dangers of fireworks revealed after celebrations lead to multiple fires in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- The Fourth of July is a busy day for Fire and EMS crews from Chesterfield County and after another hectic holiday, they are just thankful nobody got hurt this year.

This year marked the third time the fire department has had to respond to house fires started by fireworks. 

Without a place to stay tonight, one Midlothian family is picking up the pieces. One relative told 8News that the family cat alerted them to the fire a little before midnight. 

The fire occurred after fireworks in the neighborhood went off. 

"They noticed it about an hour later after they had disposed of the fireworks so it did smolder that long in the trashcan before igniting and setting the house on fire," said Chesterfield County Fire and EMS Lt. Jason Elmore. 

Contractors arrived at the house before dawn to assess the significant damage done to the home. 

About a half an hour away in Chester, another family is cleaning up a mess. One of the residents of the home told 8News that remnants of sparklers caught fire in the garage. 

"They can start fires easily and sometimes people just aren't getting that message," said Lt. Elmore. 

Experts are reminding people that fireworks can hold heat and smolder even after the celebrations have wrapped up. 

"We want people to stay safe and we want people to have a good time on holidays and we're not trying to exclude that from happening," said Lt. Elmore. "However, we know the dangers of these things we've seen them for years and we just want to continue to make sure people have safe holidays."

In addition to these two fires, there were also reports of small trash fires and brush fires from fireworks throughout the county. 

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