CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A deer crashed through the front window of a Chesterfield County auto shop on Wednesday morning.  

The deer got some minor injuries and made it back outside eventually, but it left the workers at Victory Lane Auto Sales and Repair with a story to share.   

The shop’s security footage captured the deer jumping through the glass and startling one of the workers behind the counter. When he heard the deer inside the shop, mechanic Chris Lowe jumped into action.  

“It’s not something I expect,” Lowe said. “I’m just a mechanic.” 

The deer scurried across the floor, attempting to get its footing but slipping quite a few times while trying to find an exit. That’s when Lowe came out from the back to open the front door so the frightened animal could find its way back outdoors.  

Lowe then made the decision to take the deer by its antlers and guide it outside himself. 

“It probably wasn’t the smartest decision to grab it,” Lowe said. “But it was bleeding and I didn’t want it to get any more hurt than it already was.”

The move was a success, the deer was back outside and made a run for it — but how it ended up going through the auto shop’s window in the first place is still a mystery.   

“There’s a park over there. But it’s, you know, it’s not a deer-infested place. It’s in the middle of Chesterfield,” Lowe said. “I guess it didn’t see the glass, guess he just couldn’t see it. You know, just not used to seeing glass and ran straight through it.”

The aftermath of the chaotic ordeal left broken glass lying around, blood smeared on the floor and quite a few confused workers. 

While Lowe is normally in the back working on cars, he’s now added “deer wrangler” to his title of “mechanic.” 

“It’s not something I will forget anytime soon,” Lowe said. “It’s not something you expect, for a deer to bust through the window.”