CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — With approval from the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, Dominion Energy is set to install distribution equipment to supply energy to electric school bus charging stations within the district of Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Dominion Energy communications specialist Jeremy Slayton tells 8News that construction crews can begin work now and are scheduled to finish in January 2021.

School bus charging stations will be installed at the Walmsley School Bus Maintenance Facility.

“Dominion Energy is partnering with Chesterfield County and several school districts in our service area on an electric school bus initiative that will reduce carbon emissions, while storing energy that can be injected onto the electrical grid when the electric school buses are not in use,” Slayton said. “Chesterfield County Schools will be receiving two electric school buses in early 2021 through this partnership.”

Dominion Energy will cover the cost of the first 50 e-buses distributed statewide through this program, two of which will go to Chesterfield.

“We are looking forward to our electric bus partnership with Dominion,” CCPS Communications and Community Engagement Executive Director Tim Bullis said in a statement to 8News.

According to Dominion Energy, E-buses are 60% less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional school buses. Schools could redirect the saved money to other programs.

The buses are also free of emissions, making the air in and around the bus cleaner and safer for students, teachers, and staff.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the U.S. is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation.

Dominion Energy officials say replacing just one diesel school bus with an e-bus would save 54,000 pounds of greenhouse gases per year.