CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in one Chesterfield neighborhood are concerned over their Homeowners’ Association’s (HOA) decision to replace their individual garbage cans with a dumpster right in front of their homes.

Right now, residents in Sturbridge Village are able to take a few steps outside their front door to dump their trash in their own individual bins inside their garbage corrals. But Community Partners of Virginia — the neighborhood’s HOA — is planning to replace residents’ individual garbage cans with a dumpster.

The change is particularly troublesome for resident Monique Adams, as the dumpster is currently being constructed right in front of her property.

Adams said she had no idea it was going to happen.

“I just don’t think it’s right that you didn’t say anything to us, ‘just put it up and you’ll get used to it,'” Adams said.

Residents believe a dumpster will be inconvenient, decrease property value and attract rodents. But most of all, Adams is bothered by the sight and the smell.

“Would you want a dumpster as soon as you walk out your house?” Adams said. “I mean, right now, if I walked to my door if the dumpster was there, I’m gonna smell trash.” 

Community Partners of Virginia sent 8News a document explaining the reason they installed the dumpster. The HOA made the case that the individual cans are not good for property values, are eyes sores and can end up in the street, creating potential hazards. They also said the hilly layout of the neighborhood makes it difficult for workers to access the cans.

The HOA also claimed they have had multiple meetings over the years to discuss this very issue. But Adams said residents like her, who did not attend those meetings, were left in the dark.

Adams said for now, she is not planning on using the dumpster once it is complete and is currently searching for an alterative.

“I’m looking at a different trash collection service to come out,” Adams said. “Whatever trash collection service I’ll use, I’ll just wheel the trash to the, to the curb or to the street and have them collected and bring it on back.”