CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — The owner of a Chesterfield gas station has spoken after reports that the gas station sold contaminated gas to drivers, costing them hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Minutes after filling up at the Exxon on Robious Road, many drivers described stalling and inoperable cars.

One driver, Pete Scherer, said his repair bill, coupled with his rental car, cost nearly $1,600 and, after an inspection, his mechanic said that the gas “looked like it had come out of the James River.”

“It’s very frustrating,” Scherer said. “It’s a bad situation. We still had problems. We had to go back because of misfires and problems with the engine and injectors. It’s a brand-new car.” 

Days after Scherer spoke out, the owner of the gas station, Harmon Singh, mailed him a reimbursement check and letter apologizing for the situation. In it, he wrote: “I am truly sorry that I did not reach out to you sooner.”

However, other impacted drivers said they’ve called the gas station repeatedly and have not heard back.

Exxon on Robious Road (Photo: Autumn Childress, 8News)

One driver, Jenifer B. said, “I haven’t gotten anything. I couldn’t get anybody on the phone.”

On Tuesday, the owner, Singh, agreed to speak with 8News about the situation. In an interview that morning, Singh explained that there was an issue with the pumps on July 28, and all of the pumps were immediately shut off and blocked off by caution tape.

However, 8News obtained receipts from drivers showing gas purchases occurred as late as August 4.

In a second interview on Tuesday, Singh’s manager, Dana Hammel, confirmed that the gas pumps had been turned back on for a “small window of time,” on August 4.

“It was a small window that it was on,” Hammel said. “But when my boss found out it was on, he had it shut back down.”

In addition, Singh and Hammel both said all gas pumps were surrounded by caution tape, preventing drivers from pumping.

One driver denied that claim and said one pump was open with a “sign above it that was handwritten on white paper — it said regular gas only.”

The Department of Weights and Measures is actively investigating the situation and confirmed that “a Stop Sale was issued at this location for the 87 and 89 grades of gasoline on August. 9.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, all gas pumps at the store remain closed.

Singh said so far, he’s repaid six drivers but is asking other impacted drivers to contact him directly with repair bills and a receipt.

In the meantime, drivers are hoping the gas station will make it right.

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News for updates.