CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The family owners of two popular Italian restaurants in Richmond are planning to open a third location in the Chesterfield neighborhood of Bon Air.

8News spoke with owner Filippo Genova who said that his passion for food originally came from family cooking back in Sicily where he grew up. According to Genova, some of the recipes in his menus today, still take inspiration from that same family cooking.

“We have recipes from our grandmother,” Genova said. “Our food is fresh, homemade and from scratch.”

Genova opened his first restaurant, Pizza Express, in Henrico County in 2007. He had moved from Pennsylvania to Richmond to be with his now wife, Annalisa, who was accomplished in the food industry, herself.

(Photo Courtesy of Filippo Genova)

Following the success of Pizza Express as a pick-up and delivery restaurant, the two of them turned to a more ambitious project. Casa Italiana opened in 2016, offering a family dining experience with a focus on fresh pasta. For Casa Italiana, Genova partnered with his brother Gaetano, a successful chef and restaurateur in his own right.

“We’ve been in the food industry for a very very long time,” Genova said.

Originally from Sicily, both Filippo and his brother Gaetano moved to the United States when they were teenagers to join other family members in operating restaurants in Pennsylvania.

Now the Richmond family is opening an all-new location on Buford Road in Bon Air. The name of the restaurant, Genova’s Pizza Station, takes inspiration from the building’s history as an old fire station.

(Photo Courtesy of Filippo Genova)

“People in the community have been asking me, ‘when are you going to put one of these in Bon Air?'” Genova said.

According to Genova, he bought the location four years ago but was unable to open a new restaurant as he was initially working on an expansion of Casa Italiana. Then, the pandemic happened.

“My family and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have survived in the mess,” Genova said, reflecting on the impact the pandemic and other factors have had on the Richmond food scene. “The community supports us.”

(Photo Courtesy of Filippo Genova)

When asked what style the new location’s food and atmosphere would be, Genova described it as a combination of both Pizza Express and Casa Italiana. The restaurant will feature both take-out and dining — both indoor and outdoor — options for patrons. It will also feature something that neither location has had before, rotisserie chicken.

“The recipe will feature Sicilian-style herbs,” Genova said. “[In] our own way.”

According to Genova, the new location will also be an opportunity for one of his Pizza Express collaborators, Mike, to be an owner as well.

“He’s been working with me at Pizza Express for several years,” Genova said. “I wanted to open these doors for him.”

Genova said that he is hoping the new location will open sometime in late September or early October.

“We just can’t wait to come into the Bon Air community and serve everyone,” Genova said.