CHESTERFIELD, VA. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield woman was shaken to her core after falling victim to a paving scam this week. Police said they are looking for a group of men aggressively and illegally soliciting families.

Authorities said the men are going door to door offering paving jobs.

“Of course the initial quote is amazing – but when the job is done, magically that price gets jacked up and the group becomes aggressive with their demands for payment,” Police wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

Lynn Frampton fell victim to the men on Wednesday.

“I just sat here numb. I was crying so hard,” she told 8News Friday.

Frampton said a group of men randomly pulled up at her home, said they’d just finished up a job and had asphalt left over. She said they offered to pave her driveway for just two to four bucks per square foot– but every time she asked for a total quote, they avoided the question.

“[They said] oh it will be fine, it will be fine,” Frampton said.

Several hours later, the driveway was finished. She, regretfully, let the group inside her home to settle the payment.

“I said ‘well what’s the damage,’ you know? Thinking it was gonna be like $1,000. And they said $7,000 and I said ‘what?” Frampton said. “I almost fainted.”

She refused to pay all of it while telling them that she didn’t have that kind of money. After that Frampton said, “they started hounding me and hounding me.” This went on for more than two hours.

“They were roaming around the house looking at stuff,” she said. “You could sell this, what about this, what about that grandfather clock, you could sell that?”

Frampton said they were suggesting she go get a quick loan or write a check. They even offered to take her dog as payment.

“I was crying for two hours straight. They had me so frustrated. I’ll be honest with you — they didn’t touch me physically but I felt totally violated,” Frampton said.

Eventually, she drove to the bank and took out $2,000 in cash. After the men refused some more expensive things in the home, she offered her gun as payment and they accepted.

“That was extremely stupid on my part but I wanted to pay the bill if I owed the money. I’m not a thief,” she said.

Frampton said she didn’t fully realize that she was being scammed until the next day.

“If they were to do anything to somebody with it [the gun], I would feel terrible,” she said, through tears.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Frampton recently lost her husband and mother.

“My brain is not there. I should have seen all the markers, all the flags, but I didn’t,” the homeowner said.

Frampton told 8News she’s thankful to be alive and hopes others learn from what happened to her.

“If you’ve got a lot of stuff on your plate, don’t do business with anybody. Wait until your mind is clear,” she said.

Police have the gun’s serial number and told 8News they are investigating.

“They pressured at least one lady into giving them all sorts of things in lieu of payment and we’d like to address it,” police wrote in the Facebook post.

If you’ve come across the man in the photo police provided or have any idea who this group is, Crimesolvers wants your tips sent to