CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — An innocent man has died and another woman is fighting for her life after a high-speed chase in Chesterfield County Thursday night.

According to the Chesterfield County Police Department (CCPD), an investigation is underway into the incident that cost 23-year-old Khalil R. Hamlin, of Chesterfield, his life.

“It appears as if the suspect attempted to pass a vehicle on the double yellow line, at which point he struck the innocent victim coming the other direction,” Captain Tim Kehoe, who was on scene Thursday, told 8News. “No regard by the suspect for anyone else’s safety or life in this case.”

Kehoe said there was a chain of events that led to Hamlin’s death, and sent another woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“Our officers responded to the 6000 block of Cricklewood Drive for a robbery call. Upon their arrival, they found a victim who advised [that], essentially, he’d gone to sell something through an online app,” Kehoe said. “He was approached by three Black males with firearms. He was ordered out of the vehicle, and those males then took his vehicle. That’s when he called us.”

According to a release, the victim of the robbery was assaulted with a firearm, after meeting under the pretense of selling tools. But Kehoe told 8News on Friday that the victim did not have to be hospitalized. Kehoe also said that the investigation is still underway to determine who else might have been involved in the reported armed robbery, as police on scene said they only saw one suspect in the stolen red Dodge truck.

“A short time later, with the description of the vehicle, some of our officers and one of our aviation units actually spotted the vehicle in the area of Hopkins Road and Chippenham Parkway,” Kehoe said. “Our officers turned on the vehicle, and as soon as they initiated and started their emergency equipment, the vehicle took off. We initiated a vehicle pursuit.”

Authorities told 8News that responding officers had their emergency lights on for the duration of the chase down Hopkins Road.

“The safety of the public is first and foremost to us,” Kehoe said. “Every pursuit is weighed with regard of the safety of the public. Any one of our officers can terminate a pursuit at any time if they feel there’s a danger to the public or themselves.”

He said the suspect was driving approximately 70 mph at one point, but the following officers were likely going slower because they had to yield as they went through intersections.

“Our officers were trying to catch up with the vehicle,” Kehoe said. “But he was basically keeping a good distance from our officers, driving recklessly past several cares on double yellow line, went through the red light at Beulah Road and Hopkins Road, and as our officers, who had to yield and stop [at] the light as they came through the intersection of Hopkins and Beulah, they came up on the area of Hopkins and Bellbrook, where the suspect vehicle had struck another vehicle in the oncoming lane.”

Authorities said the crashed happened in the 7500 block of Hopkins Road, which is located between Bellbrook Drive and Shillcutt Road.

“It appears as if the suspect attempted to pass a vehicle on the double yellow line, at which point he struck the innocent victim coming the other direction,” Kehoe said. “It’s tragic.”

A scene photo of Chesterfield Hopkins Road crash (Photo Courtesy: Carter Killorn)

Friday afternoon, debris from the crash was still visible in David Caudle’s front yard.

“We were sitting on the couch, watching TV, and, all of a sudden, we heard a big crash,” he said. “It was literally water bottles still rolling down the street from a cooler from the truck.”

Following the crash, authorities said that the 15-year-old suspect ran out of the truck and into nearby yards in an attempt to get away from police. Kehoe said they were able to arrest him with the assistance of K-9 units. Kehoe also noted that the suspect was injured, but did not have to be hospitalized as a result.

The teen has not been identified by CCPD because of his age. He has been charged with felony homicide, robbery, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, grand larceny, vandalism, felony eluding, felony hit and run, no operator’s license and disregarding a traffic signal. According to a release, he is being held at the Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home.

Starshene Davis spoke with 8News Friday at the apartment complex where Kehoe said the initial armed robbery took place. Paperwork in hand, she said was applying for a unit there, but that the news of what happened Thursday raised concerns about the area, especially with a young child at home.

“I used to drive school buses out here, so I’m pretty familiar with a lot of the kids,” she said. “A lot is going on with social media. Children, they are depressed or they just don’t have an outreach sometimes, and sometimes, they act out.”

Police said they could not confirm whether the location of the armed robbery was also the home address of the teen suspect.

“It sounded like a bomb went off. I mean, it was a very, very loud sound, metal to metal, and it lasted for, like, 10 or 15 seconds,” Caudle said. “They had to cut the roof off the car to get the lady out, and then they put the white sheet over the driver because he had passed.”

Police continue their investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact CCPD at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.