CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — New details have emerged about the man that shot two Chesterfield Police officers on Tuesday, Oct. 25, and the circumstances that led up to this incident.

According to court documents obtained by 8News and confirmed in a statement from Chesterfield Police on Wednesday, Oct. 26, the man involved in this shooting is 28-year-old Kelvin Hunter of Richmond.

Chesterfield Police has confirmed that prior to Tuesday night, Hunter was convicted of a violent offense and released from prison early.

According to police, Hunter was visiting relatives at the Timsberry Circle residence in Chesterfield County on Tuesday, Oct. 25. At 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening, officers with the Chesterfield County Police Department responded to the home for reports of an emotionally disturbed person. One of the officers went inside the home to speak with Hunter’s family, while the other officer stayed with Hunter.

The responding officers had been at the scene for approximately 20 minutes and were waiting on a return call from a crisis team when Hunter attacked the officer who was with him. He attempted to take the officer’s gun, and a struggle ensued.

“There was an altercation that took place between the suspect in this case and the officer that was with him,” Chesterfield County Police Department Major Mike Louth told 8News. “The officer was shot, and the officer that was with the family ended up hearing the gunshots, came downstairs, shots were exchanged.”

According to police, Hunter shot the first officer once in the chest, but the officer’s bullet-resistant vest stopped the bullet from entering his body. The second officer reportedly ran downstairs and was shot in the leg by Hunter. Hunter was also shot during the incident and was arrested shortly afterward.

“They were able to — after he sustained the gunshot wound — be able to get him in a pair of handcuffs and get the situation calmed back down until some more officers could come and assist,” Louth said.

Hunter and both officers involved in the incident were hospitalized and have all since been released. Following his release from the hospital, Hunter is now being held in Riverside Regional Jail without bond.

Hunter now has four pending charges. He faces two counts of aggravated attempted murder and two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

According to Colonel Jeffrey S. Katz, Chesterfield’s chief of police, before this incident, Hunter was released from prison early on a prior violent offense.

“Hunter’s intent cannot be misinterpreted,” Katz said in a statement on Wednesday, Oct. 26. “This suspect was convicted of a violent offense, in prison and released early — only to cause harm to my officers. Someone should answer for that.”

Neighbors tell 8News there has previously been violence in this area. In May, a man was shot to death in his car in Timsberry Circle.

“It seems to be happening more frequently,” a resident told 8News.

“People need to be educated on weapons and they need to be educated on mental health,” another resident added. “That’s really a big thing we need to start taking seriously now.”