CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Chesterfield Police are warning others after a man was swindled out of hundreds of dollars after falling victim to a scam at his home.

Wayne Heath lost $1,500 after trusting a group of men who were offering to do housework in his neighborhood.

“I was heartbroken. I was mad,” Heath said. “I never thought it would happen to me, but it’s money I had set aside for Christmas. It’s just sad that somebody preys on people like this.”

Heath said the scammers were going door to door near County Line Road on Oct. 26.

According to Heath, the men asked if he needed work on his roof, which he declined. He said one man then told him he would do it for little to nothing. Although Heath didn’t want that specific service, he said he did need to get some squirrels out of his attic.

He told 8News, the scammers told him they would spray foam and set traps. They were up in the attic for about 15 minutes, according to Heath, before he went up to check what had been completed.

“I opened the door and you could see where there [was] no foam, nothing,” Heath said. “All he did is move some of the nuts around, or whatever they got up there out of the way.”

Heath said he then tried to ask the man for credentials and a business card but was “given the runaround.”

“Door-to-door solicitation is okay. It’s hard-working people trying to provide a service if they’re legitimate,” said Barry F. Moore, Jr., President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central Virginia. “The things you have to worry about … Are they real? Are they going to come back?”

Moore said that it was concerning how the men entered Heath’s home.

“That scares me a little bit,” Moore said. “I would caution consumers and businesses because it’s a two-way street. A legitimate business should not want to enter your home to give you a quote right then.”

According to Moore, homeowners should be looking out for fake identification and fake business cards. He also said homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to ask whether or not the business is accredited or even ask for a sample of their contract.

“Going into the holiday season right now, people are going to have a lot of offers thrown at them. I think [being] ‘skeptical’ is a fair word,” Moore said.

If you ever come in contact with a person that is soliciting for their business, Chesterfield Police suggest asking for a permit. The BBB’s scam tracker is also a good tool for homeowners to look up particular companies and their backgrounds.

Anyone who finds themselves a victim of scammers like Heath is encouraged to call the Chesterfield County Police Department non-emergency line at 804-748-1251.