CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield School Board voted 3 to 2 in favor of getting rid of the universal mask mandate for students, starting Thursday, January 27.

The final tie-breaking board member, Ann Coker, felt vaccines, ventilation and distance are enough at this point in the pandemic. The losing side felt, for different reasons, it was too soon to make a decision.

About half of the parents at the meeting Tuesday cheered after the vote was made, but some of the other half told 8News they’re disappointed and worried about sending their children to school.

“We’re jumping to failure,” mom of four Dominique Chatters said. Chatters created a sign that showed a little over 80% of parents in the Dale district wanted to keep the mask mandate as of the last meeting.

She said CCPS has only been putting three feet of distance in-between children in the classroom. “We are not doing six feet of distance,” she said.

Now, Chatters said she’ll ask her school officials to make sure her children aren’t sitting with an unmasked child. Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s guidelines for schools explicitly state that teachers are not allowed to treat masked and unmasked students differently when it comes to physical distancing.

Parent Anne Taydus said the two board members who voted no, or to keep the mask mandate, Dot Heffron and Kathryn Haines, are allowing divisiveness in the county.

“We can’t obey one governor, and not another one,” she said, wearing a “We the Parents” t-shirt.

Taydus is happy the board aligned with Youngkin, saying enough was enough.

“We did it your way and it didn’t improve anything. Now there’s a vaccine, now there’s a booster, now there’s this, now there’s that,” she said. “This is not a virus that’s killing children, healthy children.”

Mom Tiffany Smith said she’s disappointed and discouraged at the vote. Smith is now scared to death to send her immunocompromised son to middle school altogether.

“I don’t trust them with the safety or health of my child, so at this point, I believe we’re going to be looking at other educational options next year,” she told 8News in an interview Tuesday.

Masks are still required on school buses because of the federal order that remains in effect.