CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield neighborhood is heartbroken after a mother was killed in an early morning house fire on Tuesday. It happened just before 1:30 a.m. at a mobile home on Lansmille Drive.

Neighbors captured photos showing the smoke shooting from the home. They described a scary scene as they waited for fire crews to arrive at the scene.

“I immediately grabbed the phone…as I’m running, calling 911,” said Johnnie Lynn Coleman. “[I] get to the corner and you can see four-foot flames coming out of the top of the trailer.”

Coleman said she immediately jumped into action, trying to alert other neighbors of the flames. She added that another neighbor, Mr. Hardaway, also jumped in to help.

“He just immediately went into action…went into the gate and started grabbing propane tanks. It was a total of five which would’ve been like a bomb going off if they exploded,” she said. “[He] two-fisted and haul[ed] them across the road to get them away.”

Upon arriving at the scene, fire crews discovered two people and a dog inside the home. A woman was found deceased inside. Her adult son was rescued and rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

“When they dragged him out of the trailer and I went into the ambulance with him, his hair was charred and his face was black,” Coleman said. “The firemen went in with flames blazing and dragged him out of there.”

“I’m shaken up a little bit,” she added.

Out of respect for the family, 8News will not share the victims’ identity until it is released by Chesterfield authorities.

Coleman says she’s known this family for 12 years, saying this is devastating for the neighborhood and community.

“If there’s anything that the family needs I hope they reach out,” Coleman said. “Just like they were willing to help us in anything we needed, we’ll do the same.”

As of Tuesday evening, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The dog was rescued from inside the home and is expected to survive.