CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Thieves in Chesterfield County took “hiding in plain sight” to a new level. Chesterfield police are searching for two men who broke into — and robbed — a home in the Salisbury neighborhood.

The pair stole jewelry and cash in broad daylight, authorities said. Police warn the men appear to be masquerading as workers in the area — able to walk around freely without drawing much attention.

Both men concealed their faces with masks, but police hope members of the public can identify them by a few distinguishable shots captured from home security footage on the victim’s home’s back porch.

The men carried a silver and bright yellow ladder. Then one of the men bends down, flashing a crisp image of his black Husky backpack. He later pulls out some sort of tool, in doing so, exposes a brand logo on the sleeve of his orange-red sweatshirt.

The unidentified man bends down, exposing a close-up look at a logo on his sweatshirt. Image courtesy of Chesterfield County Police.

It’s recommended people lock their doors and have functioning alarm systems. People should also try to make their space as open, clear, and visible as possible. These measures can all protect a home from becoming a target.

In addition to helping law enforcement and the public identify bad actors, cameras can have deterring effects. A study by Rutgers University found that thieves are not only more likely to avoid homes with visible security cameras, but they also tend to avoid those entire neighborhoods.

Chesterfield police remind residents of the Salisbury area to be hyper-vigilante and keep an eye out for unknown individuals.

Anyone with information or who may recognize either man from the security footage should contact Chesterfield County/ Colonial Heights Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.