CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A retired Chesterfield County Police officer appeared in court Thursday morning to face a stalking charge, but the case has landed at the center of a spat between the lawyers representing the two sides.

Joseph Diman, who’s being represented by former state delegate Tim Anderson, arrived at the Chesterfield General District Court.

Charlotte Carter, a Chesterfield resident and outspoken critic of the local police department, is accusing Diman of stalking her during a Board of Supervisors meeting in March.

She told 8News Thursday that Diman approached her in the parking lot and asked her questions about comments she made about Chesterfield police.

“He had so many opportunities to speak to me in a well-lit public area. The fact that he chose to stare at a wall around the corner from me until I left and follow me out is very concerning. I was scared. I was terrified,” she said. “I just hope that justice is done in this case.”

Following that encounter, she requested two protective orders against Diman.

Each request was dismissed.

“I don’t find that she’s been subjected to an act of violence or force. At best, it’s a threat, but no reasonable person, on these facts, should feel threatened,” Judge Keith Hurley said during an April 14 hearing, according to documents obtained by 8News.

“I find it very hard to believe that any woman would not have been in fear in this situation,” said Carter. “And for a male judge to say no reasonable person would’ve been in fear? I disagree respectively.”

In Court Thursday, Kenneth Chitty, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, said the office wants to bring in a special prosecutor. He cited a conflict of interest between some of the parties.

Anderson has been a frequent critic of Chesterfield Commonwealth’s Attorney Stacey Davenport over her handling of a solicitation case involving a prominent christian pastor in Virginia Beach.

Anderson said it’s inappropriate for the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office to not to want to work with them on this case. He also said in court that the case is weak and unsubstantiated.

“She still is entitled to her day in court,” he said. “It should’ve been dealt with today. The prosecutors’ office hasn’t even filed a motion for a special prosecutor. They literally came in on the day of trial and manufactured an ethical crisis– that doesn’t exist– and said they can’t move forward.”

Anderson told 8News May 4 is the anniversary of Diman and his partner getting shot while on duty in 2006. His partner died.

A judge continued the case to June 1, 2023.