CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, (WRIC) – Feelings of anticipation filled a Chesterfield courtroom today – waiting to hear the fate of 51-year-old Kassceen Weaver – but his defense threw a curve ball in the hearing. 

Today was supposed to be sentencing day for Kassceen Weaver – the man who was found guilty of murdering his three-year-old son, whose remains were found in a freezer in 2021– now that sentencing is delayed until December. 

Adon Weaver, who would have turned five years old this year, was in a freezer in the Chesterfield family’s home for more than two years – covered in wood chips and wrapped in sheets. Later, an autopsy showed he died from blunt force trauma and found two short fractures on the child’s skull, as well as fractured ribs.

  • The mugshot of Kassceen Weaver. (Photo: Chesterfield Police Department)

Both parents, Kassceen and Dina Weaver, were arrested in connection to Adin’s death – but Dina’s charges were later dropped after Kassceen was charged with abuse against her back in April 2023 – his arraignment for that charge is scheduled for December. 

Dominic Minnittee, Dina’s brother, told 8News he isn’t shocked by today’s outcome. 

“We have had a lot of, you know, postponements and delays and stuff. But as far as this is concerned, I wasn’t surprised,” said Minnitte.

Today’s hearing was supposed to determine Weaver’s fate – but his defense made a motion to delay his sentencing – stating there were difficulties in his pre-sentence report. The judge granted the motion, pushing the sentencing back to 2 p.m. on Dec. 21.

“As far as how this is all going, it’s all a part of God’s plan. That’s it,” said Minnitte.

Minnitte said throughout this whole process his family has been hanging in there – choosing forgiveness. 

“Everybody should be able to forgive others for what they’ve done to, you know, their parents or family members, friends, whoever, enemies, and to just pray for everybody,” said Minnitte.