CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WRIC) — As strong winds roll through the Richmond area with sustained speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and gusts past 35 mph, a Chesterfield resident is dealing with damage to his house after it was hit by a downed tree.

Eric Eckard was at home with his wife and two sons Saturday afternoon when winds strong enough to be heard from inside the house knocked over a tree in the yard next door. According to Eckard, the impact shook the house, and the tree rolled after it landed on the roof, making it sound like it hit the house multiple times.

Eckard says the tree hit near where his two sons were taking a nap, one of them slept through the whole thing.

“Thankfully, everyone’s safe. It could have been much worse,” said Eckard.

Eckard believes the tree was already dead when it was knocked over, and having already had his car damaged by a branch that fell from it a month ago, he said he had asked the builders of the house next door to cut it down.

According to StormTracker meteorologist David Williams, a dry cold front that came through the Richmond area caused a significant increase in wind speeds, which are expected to calm down this evening.

“Winds should taper off this evening past 6pm and we can expect much calmer conditions,” said Williams. “Not only for this evening but for the remainder of the weekend.”