CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Court documents reveal chilling new details into a triple murder that happened in Chesterfield County last Thanksgiving.

The documents reveal the words from Christopher Gattis, the man accused of shooting and killing his wife, stepdaughter and her boyfriend. 

The documents detail the conversation between the Chesterfield County Police officer and Christopher Gattis minutes after the burglar alarm was activated at Gattis’ home. 

The conversation may offer insight into who shot the victims and why. 

Court documents reveal that on November 23, 2017, officer Frazier arrived at a residence on Dogwood Ridge Court around 11:30 p.m.

When he approached the house, Frazier said he found Gattis sitting on the front steps. When asked how many people he shot, Gattis tells Frazier “three.” 

8News spoke with Russ Stone, a legal analyst, about the newly released information.

“This case may come down to not a who done but a why done it,” Stone told 8News. “In other words, there is no real dispute as to who killed the three people. It’s just going to be a question of why did that happen.” 

As he approached the house, Frazier noticed the body of Andrew Buthorn in the front yard with two gunshots to the stomach. 

Gattis told Frazier “he threatened my life.” 

“The statements I felt threatened in and of themselves don’t explain what that threat was,” said Stone. “But I expect that’s something that’s gonna be handled at the trial.” 

When questioned further, Gattis told officer Frazier he was threatened for a few days and kept receiving threats, according to court documents. 

When officer Frazier asked Gattis who was in the house, Gattis said: “they’re probably all dead.”

“Legally what would be required to establish self-defense is a person has to have not been the person who started the argument and they have to have been reasonably in fear of death,” said Stone. 

The trail for Gattis is set for early November. 

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