CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Surveillance video released by Chesterfield Police shows the moments before 56-year-old Robert Ashburn was shot dead in his driveway on North Carriage Lane around 3:30 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 31.

Cindy Elkin who lives in this neighborhood told 8News she remembers a pleasant interaction she had with Ashburn. She said that knowing the killer is still out there is making a lot of residents in the community uneasy.

“This is my neighbor. This is … this is not okay,” Elkin said.

Elkin, who grew up on North Carriage Lane, said the incident has shaken what is usually a quiet neighborhood.

“This kind of action is heartbreaking and unbelievable around here,” Elkin said.

Elkin met Ashburn at his family’s yard sale last month and said it was an interaction she could never forget.

“He was so jovial and fun and really displayed kindness towards his girlfriend,” she said. “He wanted to sell me this Queen Elizabeth memento. It was pretty comical.”

Police told 8News they are still looking for the suspect. They have no description and only the sound of his voice to identify him.

“What they did was horrible,” Elkin said. “I have concerns that if they don’t get help, that they would do it again.”

Police recommend residents who do find their vehicle broken into call them and report it. They also said people should avoid approaching suspicious persons whenever possible.

Anyone who recognizes the voice in the video or knows anything about what happened is asked to call the Chesterfield County Police Department.