CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield County Planning Commission gave its approval to three new residential developments across the county on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

The three developments will total over 50 new units of housing in a mix of townhomes and single family homes from Midlothian to Chester.

Clover Hill Homes

Brought forward by “Courthouse Road Rezoning” — a shell company for the developer — this split project would add 30 single family homes in between existing developments.

The homes would straddle a wooded common area and nature trails, with half of the homes letting out directly onto Courthouse Road, and the other half connecting with an existing neighborhood.

The developer also proffered a total of $282,000 for nearby road improvements.

Cut the Commercial

This case was an expansion of an already-zoned development of townhomes on Ironbridge Boulevard, a service road paralleling Iron Bridge Road.

Under the original proposal for the area, approved in 1990, the 1.4 acre parcel — marked in red below — was intended for commercial uses to complement the surrounding medium-density development.

The developer has evidently changed their mind on the mixed-use vision for the property, and asked the planning commission to roll Section 2 back into the overall project, adding another 20 townhomes to the development.

The area is marked for community mixed-use on the county comprehensive plan, which led staff to recommend approval of the case.

Twenty-Two (Plus a Few)

The final case approved by the commission was an infill of 22 townhomes just a few blocks from Midlothian Turnpike.

But one thing sets the project apart from other townhome developments — it also makes allowances for additional dwelling units.

According to the case proffers, the additional dwelling units (ADUs) are one-bedroom units that can optionally be added to some of the townhomes in the development. The units are often added to help children take care of their aging parents or to keep extended families in affordable, shared housing.

Under the current conceptual plan, there would be six of these units attached to the townhomes fronting Westfield Road.

All three proposals will now go to the board of supervisors for final approval.