CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — If you have been in Central Chesterfield on Wednesday afternoon, you might have looked up and noticed…smoke? While this can be a worrying sight — especially during wildfire season — Chesterfield Fire says in this instance, it is likely nothing concerning.

Chesterfield Fire has received several smoke investigation calls in Woodlake, Brandermill and near the 288 corridor toward Midlothian on Wednesday, April 5.

But according to Captain Joe Harvey at Chesterfield Fire, the origin of the smoke is not in Chesterfield County at all. Instead, it is coming from a prescribed burn at Fort Barfoot — previously Fort Pickett — in Blackstone.

So what is smoke doing all the way in Chesterfield? Harvey says it has to do with Wednesday’s windy conditions.

“With the wind coming out of the southwest this afternoon, it is pushing the smoke our way,” Harvey explained.

If you see any smoke in the Chesterfield area, call Chesterfield Fire 804-748-1360 or call 911 if you believe it is an emergency.