Christmas trees flying off the lot in Richmond: ‘You’d think we were giving away free sandwiches’

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A shorter holiday season has consumers in high gear getting ready for festivities with friends and family.

Holly Berry Christmas Trees in Chesterfield County says it’s Fraser Firs are flying off the lot.

“They come out here in the rain, it don’t make any difference,” said Bob Reynolds, owner of Holly Berry. “If they want a tree they come by.”

Christmas is a big deal in the Reynolds’ family. Bob’s family has been selling trees in Chesterfield for more than 40 years.

“Its a tradition with the family,” Reynolds said. “We try to make people happy.”

“It’s part of Christmas to us.”

Bob Reynolds, Holly Berry Christmas Trees

So far this year, they’ve been busy — and they’ve only been open since November 24th.

Of the 3,000 trees Reynolds ordered from his Virginia supplier, he’s sold more than a few.

“Over 1500 in the first week, too,” Reynolds said.

Another member of the Reynolds family who works at the farm added, “You’d think we were giving away free sandwiches.”

A 9-foot tree runs his customers $115 bucks. That’s the same price as last year, and Reynolds knows it’s not cheap.

But the customers still come.

“Now I have people who leave who say prices are too high, and I understand that,” Reynolds explained. “But if I can catch them in time, I’ll find something to satisfy them.”

Reynolds is a businessman, and this year, he also had a big business decision to make.

“Did the supplier raise his prices?” 8News reporter Amy Simpson asked.

“He did,” Reynolds replied.

“So, you’re swallowing that cost?” asked Simpson.

“I swallowed it,” Reynolds said.

“And why did you do that?” Simpson pressed.

 “Because its business,” Reynolds replied.

He says its the business of Christmas.

“People will walk through your front door and go, ‘ooh you’ve got a Fraser Fir ’cause it smells so good,'” Reynolds said.

While the smell may be great, Reynolds tells 8News its the quality of tree the customers are paying for that’s kept him open all these years.

“I try to keep a stable price so people will be happy and come back next year,” he said.

Holly Berry tells 8News it actually ran out of trees about a week before Christmas in 2018.

So this year — they ordered more inventory from their supplier. Five hundred more to be exact.

Still, Holly Berry says it might not be enough. But Reynolds says he’ll be ready to order more trees if that time comes.



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