RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Department of Public Works has started their paving and resurfacing program this summer, and they are asking for insight from the Richmond community before they place new bike lanes across the city.

Last year, the Department of Motor Vehicles released statistics reporting that Virginia saw a 75% spike in bicyclist deaths. They hope the new bike lanes will improve safety by making a shift in those numbers this year.

“That would be very important, very important for all the bikers around here and the safety of them because I see them out here a lot and I’m actually on a bike a lot” said Lucas Payne, a bicyclist who rides his bike through Richmond often.

The locations for the proposed lanes are:

  • Admiral Street/School Street – from Lombardy Street to Chamberlayne Avenue
  • German School Road – from Glenway Drive to Midlothian Turnpike
  • North 25th Street – from Main Street to Marshall Street
  • North Sheppard Street – from Broad Street to Clay Street
  • Norfolk Street – from Arthur Ashe Boulevard to Belleville Street
  • West Marshall Street – from Arthur Ashe Boulevard to Roseneath Road
  • West Moore Street – from Arthur Ashe Boulevard to Belleville Street
  • Warwick Road – from Hull Street Road to Brookline Street

The Department is also continuing with bike infrastructure on the Northside and Southside along State Route 161. This area includes:

  • 49th Street
  • Westover Hills Boulevard
  • Park Drive
  • Blanton Avenue

Richmonders have until June 26 to fill out the survey and share their opinions. For any questions regarding the survey or bike lane proposal project, email or