HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Two books are back on Henrico school library shelves after some parents complained about their content.

School leaders temporarily pulled the books for a review.

One parent who formally challenged I’m a Gay Wizard wrote that it could “drive premature sexualization,” and “possibly contribute to the development of a pornography addiction.”

Henrico’s Chief of Learning requested for Out of Darkness, a story about an interracial teenage romance, to be reviewed following a parent’s complaint at a school board meeting in October.

Ashley Perez, the author of Out of Darkness, said the book covers far more than the content in question.

“Sexual abuse or racist language — they are part of a literary whole, and the 400 pages of the novel are doing much more than representing those past harms,” she told 8News.

The Instructional Materials Review Committee recommended for the schools keep both books available to students.

In its final report, the committee contended that Out of Darkness does “contain some strong language which is used to offer insight” and “none of the language was inappropriate nor does it distract from the story.”

Nora Pelizarri of the National Coalition Against Censorship said the committee’s decision was a victory for the students.

“The parent who made the complaint had every right to make the complaint and also have every right to make educational and reading decisions for their own child, but they don’t have the right to make those decisions for all children,” she said.

Henrico schools said both books have been made available to students again this week.