RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority said that staffing shortages due to COVID-19 have resulted in curbside recycling delays across the region.

A spokesperson for the waste management authority said that delays started around two weeks ago and it could take a bit longer before everyone’s recycling is picked up and back on schedule. CVWMA customers typically expect a collection twice a month.

CVWMA has a daily alert at the top of their webpage that displays their pickup schedule. However, even if you’re scheduled for a certain day, your recycling may still get left at the curb.

The spokesperson explained to 8News that crews headed out yesterday to collect recycling along the “Blue Monday” routes but were unable to get to all of their neighborhoods. Workers returned to those areas Tuesday to pick up recycling still left at curbs.

The CVWMA said all locations should be back to their regular schedule starting Feb. 7.

The staffing shortages combined with other factors including big recycling collections after the holidays and winter weather brought on the widespread delays, according to CVWMA.

They said they are working to hear people’s concerns and reach them for recycling. In the meantime, people should check the CVWMA website for updates and use their drop-off recycling locations as needed.

According to a release sent by CVWMA on Jan. 19:

  • Red Week collections continued through Jan. 22. The next Red Week collection will be Feb. 7.
  • Blue Week will began Monday, Jan. 24, with Blue Monday and will continue until Blue Week collections are complete.
  • Recycling collections in the City of Petersburg remain on regular schedule.