CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Chesterfield County Public Schools have confirmed that there will be an extra police presence at Meadowbrook High School after a brawl Thursday saw 8 to 10 students detained by police.

On Friday, Chesterfield Police stated that they have identified at least 13 teens that were involved with the fight. It took around 20 police officers to break up the fight and even more responded to the incident.

Immediately after the incident, Chesterfield Police Captain Mark Haynes told 8News they aren’t sure what led to the altercation, but no injuries were reported. On Friday, a CCPD spokesperson said investigators believe the fight started “over a girl.”

While no charges have been made yet, police say there is still a possibility as the investigation continues.

Meadowbrook principal Marcie Terry told parents in a message Friday morning that the school would be taking other precautions in addition to the expanded police presence. 8News obtained the message, which is reproduced in its entirety below:

Good morning Monarch parents,

We realize that yesterday‘s events led to some uncertainty regarding precautions that we would have in place today to ensure the safety and security of our students. We want to assure you that our division level leadership and local police are aware of the social media postings that have been circulating following yesterday’s events. 

In response to those concerns and as a precaution, we will have extra police presence inside and outside of the building today. In addition, we will not have homeroom today in order to minimize student movement and we have postponed testing until Monday. We will also limit hallway movement during instructional time. Additional measures may be put in place as the school day progresses. 

We appreciate your continued partnership as we seek to support your students in having a successful school year. We will provide an update as the school day comes to a close.

Meadowbrook High School Principal Marcie Terry

In a Facebook post Friday, Chesterfield Police Chief Jeffrey Katz expressed his appreciation for a school resource officer who can be seen in videos of the incident intervening in one of the fights.

As word spread Thursday afternoon, concerned parents were trying to reach their children from outside the school. One family sent 8News a text message exchange between a mother her daughter. “Thank you for being the best mom ever,” the daughter wrote. “I don’t know what’s going to happen but I love you.” The family told 8News they “assumed the worst was happening” as rumors spread.

Some parents reported that a student had been stabbed and that there was a gunman inside the school. Police said both of those claims are untrue. According to multiple parents Friday, several kids stayed home from school that day.

Chesterfield police and the school division declined 8News’ requests for interviews Friday.

This story is developing. Stay with 8News for updates.