HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — It’s been over a month since a Henrico woman went missing and loved ones are pleading to the public for help.

Tracy Lynn Epps, 56, hasn’t been seen since March 3.

It’s been over a month and family members told 8news, they believe Epps is dead based on the evidence and just want to find her.

On March 6, Richmond Police responded to reports of an unknown armed individual on the 1200 block of Garber Street in the Fulton Hill neighborhood. Officers found Epps’ husband, Lester Epps, on the porch of a home. Richmond Police said officers shot and killed Epps after allegedly refusing to drop his gun and acting aggressive towards officers.

Police attempted to locate Tracy in order to notify her of his death, but they couldn’t find her.

Since then, her family has been searching everywhere, from banks and canals to different parts of the Varina area.

Bud Butler is Tracy’s older brother. Dealing with an unimaginable pain, Butler said that the family has decided to reach out to the public because there aren’t any leads. He said the summer season is near and vegetation will soon start to grow.

“Until you’re on this side of the camera, you have no idea of the sorrow that this violence brings to the families,” Butler said. “It’s a wound that never heals.”

On March 7, officers stopped at Woodspring Suites hotel on Broad Street.

The family said they believed Tracy’s husband is involved in her disappearance.

According to the family, they were informed of video evidence from the hotel that showed Lester Epps bringing a luggage cart out the back and lifting an object in a blanket into a car.

However, Henrico County Police won’t reveal what exactly was seen in the video.

Butler said the family did not want to watch the video.

HCPD has not confirmed Lester Epp’s involvement and still considers the case ‘missing under suspicious circumstances.’

Family members remember Tracy as full of ‘color.’

“She loved with intensity. She loved life. She loved people,” Butler said.

Her family is now pleading to the public.

“She and the other victims of these crimes, they just suffer heinous indignation and humiliation. She’s not trash. We’re made in the image of God. All we’re asking is to help us find her,” Butler said.

According to Butler, Tracy always said she wanted to be buried in a white wedding dress, reflective of being married to the lord and they would like to lay her to rest with her family.

Tracy Lynn Epps is 5’2″ and has strawberry blonde hair.

While enjoying outdoor activities, the family is asking that residents be on the look out for a piece of clothing like a shoe, or a tan-cream blanket.

If you see anything suspicious contact Henrico Police or Crime Stoppers.