WASHINGTON, Dc (WRIC) — Under a new federal program, everyone living on the Pamunkey Tribal Reservation in King William County will soon have access to high-speed internet.

The $500,000 grant from the Department of Commerce’s Internet for All initiative will pay to expand broadband connections to all 48 homes on the reservation, as well as all of the community institutions.

“The Pamunkey Indian Tribe is both honored and excited to be receiving a Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program Award,” said Pamunkey Tribe Chief Robert Gray. “This award will provide access to opportunities such as remote education, telemedicine, and business that will greatly improve the lives of all tribal citizens.”

The grants were authorized under the infrastructure bill passed last year, which included $3 billion in grants to tribal nations to expand broadband access.

“High-speed internet access has become a necessity of everyday life,” said Senator Tim Kaine. “For too long, Native American communities in Virginia have lacked access to reliable broadband.”

A federal program will also provide a discount on broadband internet access for qualifying households — both those on tribal land and other low-income households across Virginia. You can check your eligibility here.