RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A mom-to-be featured in the 8News ‘Fighting the Fix’ special in May has given birth to her baby girl.

Chelsea Arnold welcomed Carmen Leigh on May 27. The baby weighed six pounds, three ounces.

Arnold, who was addicted to heroin, did not find out she was expecting until five months into her pregnancy.

Arnold started methadone treatments at the time to try to prevent her baby from withdrawing from drugs at birth.

She also received support at the REAL LIFE Community Center in Richmond.

“We are excited to announce that Chelsea and baby Carmen are doing well. Both are healthy and happy,” says Dr. Sarah Scarbrough, founder of the REAL LIFE program. “Chelsea is continuing on her path to sobriety and remains actively involved with REAL LIFE.”
Scarbrough hopes other expectant mothers who are battling addiction reach out for help for themselves and their unborn children.

“For other women out there that are struggling and need assistance getting on track, we are here to help, free of charge. Our goal is to help anyone in our community that is trying to turn their life around, pregnant or not,” explains Scarbrough. 

The REAL LIFE Community Center is located at 406 East Main Street in Richmond.