KING AND QUEEN COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Holiday cards, packages and coupon catalogs are among the usual arrivals to mailboxes this time of year, but one woman in King and Queen County has concerns after eyeing a mailbox that has been empty for five days.

With reported delays from FedEx and UPS, the U.S. Postal Service is now noting of the chance for slower service.

“As time has gone on, it’s gotten worse and worse,” Alda Norris of King and Queen County told 8News.

Norris said she is worried that some people experiencing service delays might be relying on their deliveries to get there on time.

“You know, you don’t get a Christmas present until after December 25, oh well. You know? Big deal,” Norris said. “You don’t get your heart medication or your diabetes test strips, that’s a big deal.”

USPS Corporate Communications Representative Freda Sauter told 8News that the delays can be attributed to “a historic record of holiday volume compounded by a temporary employee shortage due to the COVID-19 surge, and capacity challenges with airlifts and trucking for moving this historic volume of mail are leading to temporary delays.”

Without noting how long an employee shortage may last, Sauter said USPS is working to address delays by making sure proper equipment is available for sorting, processing and delivery.

Ironically, a large delivery truck marked ‘U.S. Mail’ backed into the parking lot of the post office Norris normally goes to, during the middle of 8News’ interview with her.

Norris’ husband laughed at the moment while sitting in the driver’s seat of their car.

“Mail truck,” Norris said, recognizing the humorous timing of the truck’s arrival.