HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond International Airport cancelled 30 flights this weekend out of 430. The airport said most were due to bad weather conditions.

Richmond was not the only city affected by this as the U.S. saw over 800 flight cancellations and nearly 5,000 delayed flights over the holiday weekend. Leaving travelers stressed and confused.

“We just have to be patient, but sometimes it is not always easy,” says Cathy, a passenger who flew into Richmond yesterday afternoon.

Bad Weather is not the only factor keeping the flights from taking off. Staffing Shortages and rising gas prices has caused multiple delays and disruption to plans.

With the cost of jet fuel up 50% so far this year, it has caused airfare prices to also go up by 45% more than they were a year ago, leaving travelers with the burden of possible cancellations and financial stress.