RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Arielle, a Richmond Public Schools student and her mother, Mary, noticed that she started to struggle in school. According to Arielle’s mother, her struggles came right when she began to learn to read.

“So before the testing, I kind of noticed she was having a problem because she got tested right around the time she was learning to read, and you know, as a former teacher, I thought, well she is just learning to read, so I really didn’t think much about her eyesight until I had got the report from Conexus that they had gone into the school and tested her,” Mary said. “And I was like, wow, I never thought about her eyesight. So, once I got the report, I understood that she needed glasses.”

Arielle’s eyesight dramatically improved and so did her grades.

“She said, ‘you know mom, I can see,  I can do the work, I can see the board.’ She is doing extremely well now, in fact, I had a parent-teacher conference today that went really well. I can see a big difference now, she is able to read, she is able to do things on the computer and with her glasses, it has helped a lot.”

8News meteorologist Matt DiNardo speaks with Richmond Public Schools student Arielle and her mother, Mary, about how Conexus helped improve Arielle’s vision and school performance. (File photo)

8News meteorologist Matt DiNardo asked Arielle if there was anything difficult or tough about getting her eyes checked and getting glasses. 

“Yes it was tough at first because I saw every other color I wanted and then I picked these,” Arielle said about her new glasses.

Arielle adds that the glasses made a huge difference, especially since she is learning remotely.

“My teacher presents now and I put my glasses on and I pin her screen so I can see her better,” she said.

Mary told 8News she has nothing but praise for Conexus and the help that they gave Arielle. 

“The fact that Conexus provided glasses was a big help to me as a single parent,” she insists. “Well also, the fact that they go into the schools and test children and things like that.  A lot of parents are just like me, ‘oh, their child is struggling just because they’re struggling.’ And a lot of times, it is just the eyesight. So I was extremely grateful to Conexus. Not only did she get glasses, but we had an opportunity to take a tacky light tour with Conexus last year and that was just an experience.”

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