GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Goochland first responders serve every man, woman and child in the county — and after this week, you can add waterfowl to that list.

The Goochland County Fire-Rescue Water Rescue Team teamed up with Goochland County Animal Protection to rescue an injured Canadian goose that had been frozen in the ice on a private lake in eastern Goochland. In a video released by Goochland Fire-Rescue, a first responder can be seen wrapping the goose in a blanket while crews navigate a dinghy out of the water.

Fire crews were assisted by staff at Goochland County Animal Protection, who warmed and cared for the goose overnight. The bird is now in rehabilitation.

In light of this rescue, Goochland Fire-Rescue is reminding everyone — fowl or not — to stay off ice on ponds and lakes.

“The ice is NOT thick enough to support the weight of a person, a child, or pet,” Goochland Fire-Rescue wrote on Facebook. “Call 911 immediately if anyone gets in trouble on the ice.”

You can watch the full video of the rescue on the Goochland County Fire-Rescue Facebook page.