GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Goochland County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to pass a resolution declaring the county’s “intent to oppose any infringement” on the Second Amendment.

The board cited Goochland citizens’ “serious concerns” about gun control measures that could pass in 2020 as a catalyst for the resolution.

Democrats seized control of both chambers in the Virginia General Assembly in November after campaigning for months on gun policy, considered a top issue for voters before Election Day.

Goochland’s resolution opposes any effort to “unconstitutionally restrict” law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. It avoided declaring the county a gun-rights “sanctuary,” as other localities in Virginia have.

More than 20 counties in Virginia have passed resolutions declaring themselves as “2nd Amendment sanctuaries” after the legislative elections. Those resolutions call on county officials to refuse to comply with any new legislation that would restrict gun ownership.

The resolution passed at Tuesday’s meeting did not call for Goochland to be a “sanctuary” county, as confusion over the idea has led to questions that have yet to be answered. One Virginia lawmaker even wrote a letter to Attorney General Mark Herring looking for clarity on the newly-adopted term.

On Monday, Del. Jay Jones (D-Norfolk) sent a letter to Herring asking for a “formal opinion” on “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

“This issue has become a flashpoint across our state,” Jones wrote in the letter, “it deserves and requires immediate attention.”

While acknowledging its legislative limits, Goochland’s board wrote that it intends to use its authority when it can.

“The Goochland County Board of Supervisors writes laws for the county to the extent authority has been specifically granted by the General Assembly, the resolution’s introduction states. “We have limited authority to pass laws, but we fully use our authority to protect and defend the rights of our citizens.”

The board heard from several residents, mostly supporters of the resolution, before deliberating on whether to pass it. A few supporters of the resolution applauded after Chairman Manual Alvarez announced it had been adopted.

Goochland’s resolution will be added to the county’s legislative agenda and then sent to the Virginia General Assembly.

Correction: An earlier report on Goochland’s meeting stated that the board declared the county a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary.” The board voted to pass a resolution that opposes any effort to “unconstitutionally restrict” the 2nd Amendment.