HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Twelve families were displaced after a two-alarm fire early Friday morning at a Mechanicsville apartment complex.

Hanover Fire-EMS crews responded to Brandy Hill Apartments. Crews on the scene were able to assist residents out of the building.

“Thankfully, fire and smoke alarms alerted many to the danger,” Hanover Fire posted on Facebook.

Hanover Fire and EMS said 12 apartments and two maintenance rooms went up in flames around 3:30 am on Friday. The Red Cross says it’s helping 18 people without a home after the fire.

“Once they really started to see how much fire was there and how many units were affected they moved it to a second alarm,” said Hanover Fire and EMS battalion chief Gregory Martin.

The fire chief also says looking at the damage, he’s just thankful nobody was hurt.

“It seems very disturbing when you look at the amount of fire and the amount of destruction that’s there,” said Martin.

Hanover fire said the first crews were on scene within 10 minutes but the flames reached the attic of the building, eventually burning through the roof.

Despite the severity of the flames, residents can still live in the other half of the building.

“The other half of the building is still inhabitable and they’re in the process of working with the building inspectors office to get them back online,” Martin said.

There is at least one silver lining. Chief Martin said 18 fire recruits were able to help with cleanup this morning as part of their hands-on training.

“We wish it could’ve had a better outcome when it came to the property loss but we’re thankful that none of the residents were injured or we had a loss of life,” Martin told 8News.

The fire marshal is working to figure out what started the flames, but at this point in the investigation, there’s no reason to believe it is suspicious.