HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The recent spike in gas prices is causing some school districts to adjust their budgets to cover the rising cost of fueling their bus fleets.

During a school board meeting on Tuesday night, Hanover County Public Schools approved a budget shift of $220,000 from bus maintenance, repairs, insurance, and issues to cover the increased cost of Diesel fuel for the rest of the school year.

Diesel fuel prices are currently at a record high of $5.50 in Virginia. With approximately 17,000 students across 26 schools in Hanover County, the district spends about $7,300 on fuel per day.

While the gas prices are affecting every part of the Richmond region, they are not affecting larger school districts as much.

Eileen Cox with Henrico County Public Schools tells 8News that Henrico receives their gas month to month through a contract with the county each year. So there is more than enough money for the rest of the school year and into 2023.

Henrico County Public Schools, consisting of approximately 52,000 students, covers about 245 square miles amongst the schools in the district. In 2019, Henrico buses drove more than 10 million miles and used about 1 million gallons of diesel fuel.

With Hanover County Public School having nearly 35,000 fewer students than Henrico County, questions remain about what budget shifts smaller school districts will need to make to keep buses on the road.