UPDATE: This story has been updated with more context surrounding the books included on the list.

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Within weeks of introducing a new proposed system for seeking the removal of books in county schools, the Hanover County School Board received a lengthy list of books an organization wants off school library shelves.

The list proposed the banning of around 100 books, but it also included a note saying it is “just a beginning.” This rhetoric has some parents questioning how far the list will expand.

One of the Hanover County School Board’s recent proposed book review policy changes would have any books accused of being “vulgar” or “obscene” immediately removed from schools while under review. Community members like Shoshanah Spiggle worry this guidance will be taken advantage of.

“We have seen this before,” Spiggle said. “The Nazis have tried to burn books and erased the contents of those books.”

The group who submitted the proposed ban-list highlighted reasons ranging from content like “alternate gender ideologies” and “controversial social and racial commentaries,” to “alternate sexualities” and “self-harm.”

Since this list was obtained by 8News through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the name of the group that submitted the list is not public. A representative for the organization that some ban-list opponents believe to be behind the submission claimed not to know whether they were behind the list. 8News asked the school board to confirm the submitters’ names but they have not yet responded.

One series not included on the list is Stephanie Meyers’s 4-book Twilight series. The third and fourth books in the series contain sexual scenes between the two main characters, Bella and Edward.

Author Judy Blume, however, is on the list. Her book Forever has been the target of censorship because the storyline revolves around teenage sexuality. Many of Blume’s works involve young adults experiencing puberty, first relationships and the changes that come along with growing up. 

Parents like Spiggle aren’t convinced shielding children from such literature would have any protective element. She explained how the list disproportionately targets authors of color, women, and religious groups.

It is also important to note that many of the book included on the list include LGBTQ+ representation and sex scenes. 

Additionally, Spiggle emphasized the importance of teaching children the holistic, true history of our country. She fears the consequences of isolating children from literature written by members of historically marginalized groups.

“I don’t think that it protects children from the real world,” Spiggle explained. “You can’t shelter them from our history. We have to face it.”

Spiggle is angry to see so many books — like works from Judy Blume, Rupi Kaur and historical novels — in jeopardy. Some local Hanover County parents fear this list will serve as a catalyst to a messy censorship battle.

“We need to get ahead of this. It is happening nationwide,” Spiggle said. “I think it will be abused. I think it will affect impacted marginalized communities.”

The Hanover County School Board reiterated that those recently proposed book review policy changes are still in the early stages and have not been approved yet. In the meantime, the county’s Board of Supervisor’s next meeting is Wednesday, May 24. Parents like Spiggle encourage community members to show up to vocalize their opinions on the topic of book banning.