HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Hanover County firefighter is thankful for community support after a fire destroyed his family’s home.

Lieutenant Colin Bunn said a fire broke out at their home, which sits just off of 301, at the end of April.

Fire crews responded to their house and took about 45 minutes to get it under control.

Bunn said his wife and kids weren’t home at the time.

“I can see the smoke from Shady Grove and 301, so you know as a firefighter, I knew it was not a good sign. I just kind of looked at my son, like you know, ‘The house is gone man. Just know that while we’re driving down the road’,” he said.

When Bunn arrived to the scene, his firefighter training kicked in.

He wasn’t in any fire gear, but he helped out by hooking up supply lines to the tanker.

His wife, Casey Bunn, said she noticed a fire had started in a room but it spread too quickly.

“It’s really hard. You just drive up and a room is on fire, and it’s like a dream. I mean, you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh my house is on fire,'” she said. “It was one minute; I mean just one minute. The one room was on fire and within one minute, the entire house was on fire. It happened so fast.”

Their home was destroyed and they couldn’t salvage much of anything except for a few books and important documents.

Bunn’s wife and kids weren’t hurt, but their four pets — two cats and two dogs — died in the fire.

“If there was a doggy door there, they probably would’ve gotten out,” Bunn said.

The couple advises people to have a pet door or training, so the animals can easily escape if needed. They also suggests taking a closer look at insurance policies, investing in an alarm system, and getting a fire safe for important documents.

The Bunns are staying with neighbors right now. The Hanover community has also shown up in a big way by donating clothes, shoes and meals.

“God is good. We are grateful. Good comes from bad, and we believe that for everyone. Not just for us. It’s a tragedy, but I know good could come from bad,” Casey Bunn said.

The Bunns have insurance and they plan to rebuild their home.