Hanover man ‘stunned’ after getting strangers’ ballots in his mailbox: ‘I just want the election to be fair’

Hanover County

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Hanover man says he opened his mailbox to find two ballots that were not his. This isn’t the first time this has happened and Ed Miller isn’t the only Virginian with security concerns heading into the November election.

“I just want the election to be fair,” he told 8News on Friday. So when Miller found two strangers’ confidential ballots in his mailbox, he said “I was actually stunned.”

Miller didn’t even request a mail-in ballot. He’ll vote in person.

In this case, it appears the mail carrier slipped up. His house number is 9405. The ballots are addressed to a 9405 house number as well, but on a different street that’s just couple blocks away.

“In fact, the addresses on both envelopes is right but they were delivered to my address,” he said. Miller said something like this shouldn’t happen. “It’s the most critical thing at this point in time with the election just several days away. My fear is that somebody would vote three or four times.”

In a statement Friday, a local USPS spokesperson said “with a record number of people across the country voting by mail, the U.S. Postal Service’s number one priority between now and the November election is the secure, timely delivery of the nation’s election mail.”

The statement went on to say “Despite our best efforts, occasionally mail is misdelivered.”

“If this is happening often, and I don’t know that it is or isn’t, but if it is, that could affect the integrity of the process,” Miller said. “Hopefully this won’t continue to happen.”

The U.S.P.S. spokesperson said if you do receive election mail that’s not yours, write “not at this address” and send it with outgoing mail or bring the mail to a secure collection box.


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