The Hanover County School Board voted to decline name changes to two of its schools on Tuesday night.

The board voted 5-2 in favor to not change the names of Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Lee-Davis High School. 

Despite pushback from some, the Hanover School Board decided to keep the Confederate-named schools.

Sierra Lewis, a Lee-Davis High School Alumna, spoke during the meeting about her concerns of division in the community.

“I understand that some of you feel that history needs to be preserved. But why should we hold on so tightly to a part of history that literally divided our country in two?”

Lewis says changing the names would promote a more inclusive community. 

“Changing the name isn’t taking from anyone or ridding or trying to change our history, it’s just making a change in the way we wish to represent ourselves.”

Wanda Burcham, a Hanover local in favor of keeping the schools’ names, spoke at the School Board meeting. 

“We have so many other things that this county could spend that money on,” Burcham said 

Burcham takes pride in where she received her education and said the school board can put money in better places. 

“We have teachers that don’t even have tablets in this county. I know that for a fact because I’m friends with numerous teachers, we have buildings that need to be upgraded.”

A School Board survey found that 76 percent of Hanover residents wanted to keep the names and mascots in place, with 24 percent of people who wanted the names changed. 

Hanover parents tell 8News that another effort to change the school names could come before the school board again. 

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