HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a new cybersecurity threat in the form of criminals imitating banks to steal sensitive information.

According to the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, cybercriminals will start the scam by sending you a copy of a real bank email stating that your bank is implementing new security measures that will affect your account. The email provides a link that you can click for more information. This link will redirect you to a login webpage. The login page will look legit, but has been spoofed by scammers. If you enter your login credentials, cybercriminals will be able to use them to access your real bank account and steal your money.

Cybercriminals go out of their way to make fake emails and websites look legit. But you can still take steps to avoid scammers taking your information and your money. Follow these tips from the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office to stay safe from similar scams:

  • Before you click a link, always hover your mouse over it. Watch out for spelling mistakes or suspiciously long URLs.
  • Cybercriminals often use urgent or alarming claims to trick you into clicking malicious links. Always check information on an organization’s actual website before following the instructions on an email.
  • Always visit an organization’s website directly to log in to your account.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication on your accounts when it is available. This adds a layer of security by requiring that you provide additional verification, like through your phone or email, to log into your account.