HANOVER, Va. (WRIC) — Three Kroger supermarket employees have been recognized by the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office for helping a customer who was being scammed.

On Friday, May 20, Georgia Pruitt, Nikki Thomas and Tierra Baylor were each given a Citizen Recognition award by Lt. Col. Thomas Woody for their attention to detail and willingness to help an individual in need, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The three employees were working the customer service desk at a local Kroger store one afternoon when a senior citizen came in to send a Western Union money order. After asking a few questions, they informed the senior citizen that she was the victim of a scam.

The Sheriff’s Office was then contacted and investigators helped the senior citizen recover some of the money she had lost to the scammers.

Georgia Pruitt, Nikki Thomas and and Tierra Baylor (not pictured) were given a Citizen Recognition awards for assisting a customer who was a victim of a scam. (Credit: Hanover County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook)