HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Chickahominy Health District is alerting residents in the areas along Wesley St, between Chapman St. and N. Snead St., in Ashland, that a raccoon has tested positive for the rabies virus. The raccoon is now deceased.

Rabies is a fatal, but preventable, disease carried by mammals that is endemic to the area. Potential exposures to a rabid animal can include bites, scratches or contact with saliva by open wound or
eyes, nose, and/or mouth.

Officials are asking anyone who has information regarding any exposure to this animal by people or pets in the days leading up to August 7 to contact the Hanover Health Department at 804-365-4313.

After hours, people can contact Hanover County Animal Control at 804-365-6140.

You can help prevent rabies by:

  • Vaccinating your pets.
  • Reporting all exposures to animals (usually bites and scratches) to your doctor and the local
    health department.
  • Enjoying wildlife from a distance. Don`t feed or encourage wild animals such as raccoons,
    skunks, or foxes to visit your yard or property.