HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Stay-at-home orders can lead to isolation for some residents, and for those battling addiction it can present new challenges to an already difficult situation. Williamsville Wellness Center in Hanover has created a remote 28-day rehabilitation program to tackle addiction and mental health issues.

Bob Cabaniss, the founder of Williamsville Wellness Center, wanted to make sure the people in his program wouldn’t stop receiving necessary treatment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the state of Virginia, alcohol sales are up 51%,” Cabaniss said. “What we have right now is depressing. With all the stress we are all under, there’s a lot more drinking.”

The program acts as an online help system that offers learning modules and group or one-on-one teletherapy through secured Webex video calls. Therapists receive case notes on each of their patients and address individuals based on their personal needs.

Cabaniss said he also sees this working on building bridges lost during addiction by having “accountability advocates” that help assist during the Remote 28-day rehab program — taking pictures of drug tests and breathalyzers for the Cabaniss’ team to analyze.

The facility also offers programs like “Remote IOP Program” and “Smart IOP” where you work on the lessons at your own pace.

“One thing that makes it a lot better to do it at home — is your accountability partners. They’re gonna make sure you watch the video.”

Dr. Lyndon Aguiar, the Clinical Director at the facility, said people’s progress could have been halted by COVID-19.

“People that had been doing well could have easily slipped backward,” Dr. Aguiar said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, gambling, substance use — we see at the corner of it there’s emotional helplessness that’s unresolved.”

“We’re in the business to help people. That’s just the way it is. We are in business to help people.”

Bob Cabaniss