HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some children were picked up early today from Holman Middle School after a student was detained for allegedly bringing a gun into school.

The Henrico County Police Division said a gun was found in the student’s backpack this morning. The student was uncooperative with officers and backup was called in following a struggle, according to police. Reportedly, no one was hurt during the incident.

Tammy Taylor was one of the mothers who picked up her daughter after the incident happened. She told 8News it was an upsetting situation.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking. You always hear about it happening but you never expect it to happen at your child’s school,” Taylor said.

Grandparents like Leann Hill also came by to pick up their grandson early and were frightened by the incident.

Police cars parked outside Holman Middle School after a student was found with a gun. (Photo: Jeremy Wall, 8News)

“We get a text from him that someone is in the school with a gun and were on lock-and-hide and we haven’t gotten any notification yet as to what was going on,” Hill told 8News.

Henrico Police said that there will be a bigger police presence at the school for the foreseeable future.

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