HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The father of a 20-year-old killed by police in a July domestic incident that escalated in Highland Springs is now speaking out after the officer who fired the shots that night was recently honored for her actions.

Henrico Police Officer Shretta Ford was honored on Dec. 1 at the 32nd Annual Valor Awards, which celebrates the selfless acts of the region’s first responders, according to the event’s website. She has been employed by the Henrico County Police Division since June 2020. The Silver Valor Award she received earlier this month lauded her courage in protecting the lives of others during the mid-July incident.

But Brandon Jordan, the father of the young man who was killed, said there’s more to the story.

“He didn’t get killed by no gang activity, no street life, no nothing; he got killed by the police. That’s a slap in the face,” Jordan told 8News on Wednesday. “I can’t replace him. I can’t replace that spirit.”

Authorities said 20-year-old Malachi Carroll was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after the officer-involved shooting on Elsing Green Court in mid-July, and that he later died at the hospital. Henrico Police said they were responding to a domestic-related incident at a residence there, and when offers went inside the home, they found Carroll holding a knife. Authorities also said that Carroll tried to assault the officers and his grandmother with the knife, all while two children were inside the home, before shots were fired.

“This is a difficult situation for all involved, and our team is working hard to determine the facts of what happened last night,” Police Chief Eric D. English said in a statement the morning after the shooting.

Authorities did not initially identify the officer who fired her weapon, but they noted that she was placed on administrative leave.

During the Dec. 1 Valor Awards, however, Officer Ford was honored for her actions that day.

In July, Lieutenant M.C. Pecka with HCPD’s Office of Public Affairs told 8News that “officers had to take action for lifesaving measures of that individual.” Pecka also mentioned that “the individual came toward the officer.”

“He’s not bulletproof. So you’re telling me you shot him multiple times, he was still coming at you?” Jordan said. “It’s three males, one female. Not one of y’all decided to tase him when he was acting aggressively, to bring him in? Now, I got to go through all this to see body cam footage, like, it’s bothering me that I have to watch my son get murdered twice.”

Henrico Police have not said whether additional measures were taken prior to shots being fired to incapacitate Carroll.

8News first spoke with Jordan the morning after this July incident, and he said that he didn’t blame the officer for her actions, but wanted to see the body-worn camera video before speaking out. Over the course of the past several months, Jordan has worked to obtain access to that video, which he said has been denied. He is now going through the probate process in the court system in the hopes of seeing what happened through the lens of first responders.

“I want to see and I want to know what happened,” Jordan, who was across the street at the time of the July shooting, said. “I miss my son.”

A month before the July shooting, Jordan said that Carroll found his grandfather dead in their home. Jordan said it was a traumatic event for the 20-year-old, which may have contributed to the later domestic incident where police were called.

“I’d rather him facing jail time than be dead,” Jordan said. “He got shot and killed. He snapped.”

8News’ requests for body-worn camera, dash camera and surveillance video have also been denied, citing the ongoing investigation. That investigation has since wrapped, according to authorities, with legal action now underway.

“As with any investigation, body-worn camera and multiple interviews must take place,” Henrico Police spokesperson Lieutenant Matt Pecka told 8News back in July. “These investigations do take time, and we’ll provide updates as they become available.”