HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A room created with hopes of providing a more comfortable interview experience is now available to sexual assault survivors in Henrico County.

In partnership with Project Beloved: The Molly Jane Mission, the Henrico Police Division has created a “soft interview room” focused on empowering sexual assault survivors and helping them get through the process of finding justice.

Henrico Police said the room features comfortable chairs, soft lighting, weighted blankets, comforting scents and features photographs hung on the walls taken by a sexual assault victim who was an amateur photographer before her death.

“Soft interview rooms are a component of trauma-informed care that allows survivors to feel safe and comfortable when talking to law enforcement about the incident that occurred,” Henrico Police said in a release.

Project Beloved is a nonprofit focused on empowering sexual assault survivors. The organization has installed 58 soft interview rooms across the United States, with the Henrico room as the third location in Virginia. The nonprofit was started by a mother who lost her daughter to sexual assault violence.

In addition to the soft interview rooms, the nonprofit provides sexual assault survivors with other resources, such as backpacks full of essential items given to survivors after rape kits are performed. Henrico said the resources allow the survivors to feel safe and more comfortable talking to police about the incident.

The Henrico Police Division is encouraging sexual assault survivors to come forward and report any incidents. The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance has chat, text, or call hotline options available for anybody who needs confidential support, visit https://vsdvalliance.org/get-help-ayuda/hotlines/ for more information or call the 24/7 hotline at 1-800-838-8238.