HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some Henrico bus stops will be getting an upgrade in the future thanks to some new federal funding.

As transit ridership grows, the county wants to make them safer and more comfortable for riders. Recently, the Henrico received $1.275 million from Congress to add benches, shelters, trash receptacles and ADA accessibility to bus stops.

Only a small number of the county’s stops currently have these features, but not all of them will receive upgrades.

“Basically, we tier it based on the demand for each stop,” Todd Eure, Henrico’s Assistant Director of Public Works, said. “If it’s a higher volume stop and we have room, we will put a shelter. If it’s a lower demand stop, we may just have a bench and a trash receptacle,”

James Diller, a daily GRTC rider, tells 8News he is not satisfied with some of the bus stops, including stop #3628 off of Broad Street.

“Definitely not, especially when it’s raining or snowing,” Diller said.

Eure does not know yet how many bus stops will be improved. However, he said it will depend on as many the county can squeeze into its budget.

“As the funding becomes more available, we will add more stops,” Eure explained.

Henrico County is already working on the designs for the new stops in hopes that construction will start soon.