HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC)– A Henrico man has pled guilty to several charges and faces a maximum of more than 100 years in prison after explosives were found in his home.

Michael Hardy, 52, pled guilty to possession of explosive devices, possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, setting a spring gun trap in the house and possession of a firearm while in possession of controlled substances. He faces between five and 110 years in prison.

In March, officers searched Hardy’s home on Durwood Crescent in Tuckahoe after police detained a 24-year-old woman who was allegedly married to Hardy.

More than 100 items of evidence were found in the home including explosives, materials to make explosives, fireworks and firearms. Around 20 Henrico households within a 100-yard radius of the Tuckahoe community home were evacuated as police executed a search of Hardy’s home.

Matthew Ackley, Henrico’s Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, said drugs like fentanyl, crack cocaine and cocaine were also found.

“We are pleased with this agreement and are confident that the Court will sentence Mr. Hardy appropriately,” Ackley said. “The plea is a reflection of all the hard work by the Henrico Police and Fire divisions, and their officers and detectives.”

After the incident in March, 8News asked Shannon Taylor, who is the Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney, where in the home the drugs were found.

“Not to get into the details of it but it is certainly within the investigation that they were attributed to Mr. Hardy,” Taylor said.

Prosecutors said a commercial firework that had been altered to wrap nails around it was found inside the home, and a spring gun was found on one of the doors. Pieces of pipe with Tannerite, a binary explosive target, were also found, as well as a bottle filled with Sterno.

“It was made to hold a shotshell, but on the date the police searched the house, it was loaded with a flare round,” Ackley said.

According to Russell Stone, who is representing Hardy, the round would have hurt a person if they came into contact with it, but it wouldn’t have killed them. He said although the neighborhood was closed, neighbors were not in severe danger.

Stone also told 8News that Hardy is an “honorably discharged marine” with no criminal record. He adds that his bad behavior started a year ago. Stone said he intends to focus on what led Hardy to this state.

Hardy will be sentenced in January.