HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The general election is just two weeks away. This year voters in Henrico county will be casting their ballots on issues impacting the school system, public safety and parks.

The 2022 ballot referendum is now valued at $511 million. If it passes, students will be attending newly constructed schools and residents will see new firehouses. 

Schools including Longan Elementary and Quioccasin Middle School might look different in the future if voters agree to rebuild these schools.

According to the Deputy County Manager of Henrico, Brandon Hinton, two-thirds of the money from the bond referendum will go towards Henrico County’s school system. 

“Good governments maintain the infrastructure that they have,” Hinton said. “It’s very difficult to do because they are expensive projects but local governments make sure they take care of their schools, that when they get to a certain age, we do something about them.”

Schools like Longan Elementary School and Jackson Davis Elementary School were built in the 1960s. Just like the schools, some of the firehouses in the county will also be rebuilt because of how old they are.

Hinton believes this is part of the reason why a $511 million bond referendum is critical for Henrico County.

“We believe $511 million is an affordable amount for the county in the position we are in,” Hinton said. “Henrico is a triple-A rated locality. It has the best credit rating possible. It allows us to issue debt at a low-interest rate but also shows how responsible we are with the debt that we issue.”

If the referendum passes, improvements will also be made to Deep Bottom Park. Absentee and early voting have already started. Anyone interested in getting a headstart can cast their ballot now.